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Chainlings are born from the Avalache🔺blockchain. They dream and grow in their stasis, cozy within a block, waiting for a Charmer like you to partner with them in life, happiness, and the collection of shiny things. A population of 8,888 Chainling Elite (Gold and Diamond) are currently being charmed (minted). Public mint aimed at end of May 2022.

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Once the Chainlings 'hatch' from their blocks, their personalities and stats will be revealed and ready to adventure with you. The initial NFT is a 'close-up' of their glamour shot, with more airdrops to come, building on the Chainlings universe!

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Chainlings aren't sure what's valuable but they will collect shiny objects and return them to you (tokens). Can't blame them, they're not used to our world. Individually, they aren't worth very much but will be useful in the future!

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