Chainlings are born from the Avalache🔺blockchain. They dream and grow in their stasis, cozy within a block, waiting for a Charmer like you to partner with them in life, happiness, and the collection of shiny things. A population of 8,888 Chainling Elite (Gold and Diamond) are currently being charmed (minted). Public mint aimed at end of May 2022.

Diamond Stasis Chainling
Gold Stasis Chainling
Metal Stasis Chainling

As Chainlings grow within the Avalanche 🔺 Blockchain, there has emerged three types that have been observed in the wild - diamond, gold, and metal.

Diamond Chainlings seem the rarest, strongest, most intelligent, and bravest of the bunch.

Gold Chainlings seem unique as well, but a bit more abundant (~3x), yet stronger and more elusive than metal Chainlings.

Metal Chainlings seem to sleep within the AVAX-red blocks, are the most common (~15x as many vs. 💎) but also easiest to charm.

Once all Chainlings have emerged from the blockchain, they will hatch from their blocks to reveal their personalities and stats.

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